The Only Ship that Doesn't Sail

In this episode of Laying Down the Law: Accountant Edition, the hosts delve into the 1945 court case Fenwick v. Unemployment Compensation Committee. The case centered around the employment status of Arline Cheshire, who worked at John Fenwick's beauty shop. The court ultimately ruled that Cheshire was an employee, not a partner, and Fenwick was required to pay unemployment insurance. This case emphasizes the significance of comprehending the legal consequences of partnership agreements and carefully considering their terms.
The Cases in Question:

Fenwick v. Unemployment Comp. Com - 132 N.J.L. 185, 38 A.2d 849 (1944)

Fenwick v. Unemployment Comp. Com. - 133 N.J.L. 295, 44 A.2d 172 (1945),Chesire.


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The Only Ship that Doesn't Sail
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